Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Some Pencils by Frank Frazetta

While some of these turned into pen'n inks or even paintings, I dunnae of anything finished for Amazon Headhunters (and I wish I did)

Waking The Sleeper by Jack Kirby

Even if you dunnae like Syd Shores ink'n, ya gotta dig this Sleeper cover

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Black Panther by Jack Kirby

We couldnae get into the movie yet, but I thought I should put up a fav page, from Tales of Suspense #97

First In The Future Famous Funnies Frank Frazetta

With six F's in this title, makes me think of a report card I stole from my own mailbox in Fifth (of course) grade.  Famous Funnies #210 is another Fine-line draw'n by Fritz of the immortal Buck Rogers

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Heart Of A Vampire by Berni Wrightson

Oh my heck!  So broke I cannae even pay attention, but I never saw this forty years ago.  Berni did the layouts for the Batman story in Detective Comics #455, apparently

And So, A Legend Lived Again!! by Jack Kirby

Here's the central splash from the legendary Cap'n America #112 that Jack created one weekend so Marvel could keep their publishing deadline while Steranko was struggl'n with Marvel to create his also legendary "death arc" of Cap going (years before DC came up with the death of Superman).  I like this blurb cause it could be said of Kirby every time we open onea his works